List of MLM Companies in Canada

mlm canada

Looking for MLM Canada opportunities?

Virtually every well-known network marketing company is open for business in Canada as well as in the United States. Below you’ll find a link to directory listing, most of these are major companies. What makes it difficult to find them is a lack of a single directory style listing.

Canada has their equivalent to the US-based Direct Marketing Association and Better Business Bureau. Here are three great resources we found. Do your due diligence and make sure to see if there have been any complaints filed by customers or distributors. Law-suits and government sanctions might also be of interest.

Canadian-Based Companies –

Marketing Facts 2011 is a comprehensive report offered by the Canadian Marketing Association the CMA . This report offers a comprehensive look at the direct selling industry. Over thirty sources were used to put together this report.

This report is perhaps best suited for individuals looking to start a new distributor company or for those interested in discovering how best to position their products or services within the market place. If you are a CMA member you can pick up a copy for as little as $250. Non-members will pay up to $625.

Canadian Companies – Hosted Parties

While traditional network marketing focuses on recruiting and wholesale product sales, home party plans are more retail sales oriented. This concept is especially attractive to women. You can find a nice listing of these plans at the web site.

Interested in scrape booking? Heritage Makers offers a home party plan. Avon offers skin care and jewelry. And Mary Kay is well-known for their cosmetics and pink Cadillac’s. These are just three of the most known examples of home party plan MLM companies in Canada.

Top Rated MLM Canada – the DSA

The Direct Sellers Association of Canada did the best job of compiling a comprehensive list of companies doing business across the border Search high and low and you will be hard pressed to find a more complete list over 75 member sites than this DSA directory.

The DSA wins our vote for the best MLM Canada resource thanks to a wide variety of news you can use, up-to-date industry statistics and… of course… their membership directory. And the information is free so you can keep your money in your own pocket.

Canadian-Based MLM – Building a Profitable Business Fast

You narrowed down the choice and have finally picked a MLM company in Canada to hang your hat on. Now what?

The key to getting your new business off to a fast, profitable start is marketing. Plain and simple. You must master marketing to make a profit.

One of the not so well best-kept secrets in network marketing is there is a certain group of people who make a ton of money. While the majority barely scrape by. Why? Marketing. Marketing is where the big money game is played.

Big businesses always operated from a very specific, well-documented marketing plan. Perhaps you should create one as well. But first things first. The easiest way to get into profit fast is to approach your warm market. These are the people who know you, like you and trust you to some degree . At the same time, however, consider your next move.

How do you intend to get your opportunity in front of new people on a consistent basis over an extended period of time?

Perhaps one of the most powerful ways to build a “mlm canada” business is to combine the world-wide reach of the internet with the power of direct response marketing and various attraction marketing methods. Done properly, a good attraction marketing system will provide you with a new stream of highly interested prospect every day on complete autopilot.

Visit this site to see exactly how easy it is to get started with attraction marketing and to take your new MLM Canada business to the next level.